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Life is all about balance, we have all met, and many of us know, people who are simply great at both the STEM and Social aspects of life. These people are generally nice to be around, and they are extremely helpful in many ways. I believe their upbringing had a lot to do with their balanced and successful adult condition. Their parents either fluked a great balance in the exposure to the right toys/games, or they knew what they consciously involved themselves in raising balanced STEM-Social kids.  For me personally, I will not leave this up to chance with my kids, I actively look for the balance and apply it in my family. I do apply it, and it works well. Like all things good in life, it comes with challenges and can be very hard. However, the fruit is rewarding. I know I will reap a harvest of awesome children who can look life in the eyes, accepting the challenges, and conquering them to become incredibly successful both in the social, and in the STEM environments. 
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