Our Opportunity Is Now

25 April, 12:00

Now is the time to take your opportunity.
Break market ground.

Published by Andrew Clifford @ Eden Shack


I may very well be speaking for myself here but somehow, I think we can all relate to this...

Having heard so many success stories of those amazing people who came into the early market of e-commerce back in the early 2000's. We hear of how easy they made their millions.

We read about the open opportunities they had...and feel somewhat... like: "damn, did I miss this or what?!?"

I eventually started to think I had missed the boat, I entertained thoughts that could potentially hinder me from pursuing my dream to have a successful online community and business.

In the process of these thoughts, (I think a lot) I happened to think about the word: "opportunity"

These many success stories started with motivated men and woman who seized the opportunity they had in their day.

They faced the same pressures, the same uncertainties that we face today... however, they worked on their visions, they pressed forward until they found solutions to the challenges they faced. They overcame themselves in the process!

That day has passed now, they are now reaping their rewards from their opportunity, from their hard work.

They are living in the success of their personal victories and the wisdom they received from their many failures.

Overcoming Yourself

There is a well-known saying that goes like this: "I am my own worst enemy"

How true this is if we cannot eliminate that negativity we think about, when we get overwhelmed with the tasks that lie ahead. Our own thought process can be the end of our success if we allow these negative thoughts to govern our lives.

We become our own worst enemy!

I, myself, me, is the very first challenge to overcome when it comes to success in this industry. I need to overcome the curse of rear-vision. If we live our lives looking in the rear-vision mirror we will fail to properly harness the opportunity that lies ahead. Instead of making the most of what lies ahead, we will crash into it. We will make a mess because we are pining over how easy is was in the past for those "lucky" entrepreneurs who "had the golden opportunity".

I am not saying we should never look in the rear-vision mirror.

We need to learn from our friends who have 'been there and done that'

We can glean countless great lessons from our predecessors in business.

However, if we think we will fail because we missed the boat, we will fail.

We need to have a clear vision of our goals and we MUST believe that we will break through into the next big opportunity that is on the event horizon of the thriving online market. We have a greater opportunity than ever before to succeed. We are in an even great time to make our dream come true.

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

— Winston Churchill

Now is your time to start, take that all sufficient step right now...

Right now, we are facing the greatest opportunity in the history of mankind! We have the most going for us and live in a market where all things are possible. Just believe you can, and you will.

Work hard to achieve your vision. Take risks and step outside your comfort zone. Stretch your boundaries little by little. Break the ice of your old "hang-ups" that have kept you from success in the past. You will never rise higher than your thoughts. Never let a negative confession come out of your mouth. Let me take that a little further, a little deeper. Never let a negative thought remain in your mind. Even if you never mention a negative thought, you will still be governed by it if you entertain it. Identify it and trash it consciously! Now act upon the positive thought instead and see the truth of the matter!

Imagine there are no limits to your future. Now realise the expectation! Because your imagination is telling truth, your optimism is within a hand reach if you are willing to sacrifice and start from this moment. Start right now with one step, take that step, make that momentous move towards your goal. See your dreams come true. Take your dream from thought and bring and action it today.

Right now, in this very moment, you have a great opportunity to break market ground, to take the market further than ever before... Never ever ever give up... It's not them that fall, it's them that get up, dust off their clothes, and keep going...

Keep your eyes on the goal and surround yourself with motivated communities. There are people all around you that can help you to achieve your goals...

There are no limits to what you can do!

Think of this... One day, the next generation of entrepreneurs will look back on us, they will be thinking the very same thing. They will be striving through the very same mental barriers and challenges we face. They will be considering whether they have missed the boat that we took. Some of them will fail, some of them will stop right there because they seemingly missed the boat... but some of them will learn from us, then they will break through and realize their opportunity.

Perhaps, this is you right now... It's time to step forward and realise your dream. Plan out your vision, get into communication with those who think like you and take it head on, claim your success right now!

Get in the boat, its leaving for your successful future shortly...

Are you ready?

It’s On!

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